Terms Beginning with A

Access Control List (ACL)

An authorization restriction mechanism that identifies users and groups about access permissions assigned to or rejected on an object.

Access Port

If the device to be connected to the switch port is a normal network user, such as a computer / network printer, the port is defined as Untag.


The process by which a connection is established through a protocol, the computer or device; is the confirmation message that the communication is completed.

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

The ARP protocol is used to find the MAC address of a known device on the network.


Software that automatically displays ads on your computer. When you use an application, ads will appear automatically on your computer.


It is a symmetric encryption algorithm that uses 128 to 256 bit key dimensions.

Alert Situation

Any interruption in the organization reaches a critical level and when there is no solution to eliminate the interruption, this is the case.

Anonymizing Proxy

Allows the user to hide web activity.


Commonly used for detecting or eliminating many malware threats, including computer viruses, worms, trojans, malicious browser add-ons, adware and spyware.

Apple Talk Session Protocol

Apple Talk is used to communicate between clients and server computers.

Application Layer

The application layer is programs that will use the network connection. For example: HTTP, FTP, SSH…


It is a tool that allows the user to search the name of a particular file on all anonymous FTP servers registered to the user.


It is a 7-bit character set based on the Latin alphabet.

Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

Asymmetric Digital Abbreviation for Subscriber Line. It is the most used connection technique for internet connection. It is a modem technology that can provide more data on audio and video communication at the same time through standard copper telephone wires.

Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line 2 (ADSL2)

It is the ADSL standard that allows clients to reach higher data rates and connect to more remote clients.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

ATM is a network technology that enables the transmission of different types of data, such as audio, picture, video, into fixed data packets.


In order to perform certain operations, it means that the previously defined information is verified and the user introduces himself to the system.

Class A IP Address

The first octet in the IP address is between 0 and 127, and the default subnet mask is In other words, the first octet shows the network ID and the other three octets indicate the host ID.

The ARP protocol is used to find the MAC address of a known device on the network.

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