Terms Beginning with B


A virtual agent used to infiltrate a system and access the system.


It is used to express the capacity of any transmission medium of communication channel. The channel is the maximum frequency that can be carried on a communication channel.


The full capacity of the communication medium is used for a single channel.


It is a unit of memory measurement, which, in electronic and computer science, usually incorporates 1 or 0 values during an 8-bit sequence and is independent of the type of information recorded.

Bit Rate

It is a digital unit of measure used to measure the transmission rate of data. Many providers, such as network and hardware manufacturers, use the bit rate value to help users calculate how much speed and efficiency they will receive from their products.


Hackers are infected computers that are remotely controlled.

Bps (Bit/Second)

It is called the number of bits carried per second from a transmission line.


A network bridge is the name of one of the network elements that connect two computer networks. This occurs in the data layer, the second of the OSI seven-layer model.


It is the method used to deliver data to the destination between 2 ends. Bridging (bridging) method determines the target of the data and ensures that it is delivered in the right direction.


The capacity of the communication medium is used for multi-channel.


It is a type of transmission which is made to a receiver rather than a point and its environment is not only a network, it can also be made by radio waves locally or by satellite.

Broadcast Topology

It is based on the principle that each station transmits the signal to all other stations in the network environment at the same time. After the signal is emitted, the transmitter searches for the destination separately from the entire network until it finds the station where the address matches, so there is no transmission.

Brute Force Attack

It is the method used to decode passwords by trial and error method.

Bus Topology

It is formed by connecting all terminals (servers, workstations and other peripherals) along a cable to a linear cable segment. This segment is called Trunk.

Class B IP Address

The first octet in the IP address is between 128 and 191, and the subnet mask used is In other words, the first two octets show the Network ID and the other two octets show the Host ID.

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