Terms Beginning with C

Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Colision Detection (CSMA CD)

In a data transport environment that has multiple users, it is a protocol in which the sender checks for traffic on the data path before sending any data.

Cellular Topology

It is the topology structure of circular or hexagonal areas with independent nodes on each station’s own center.


Between two locations in a network, a line of communication with a specific transmission rate.

Chassis Switches

Expandable, Layer3 switches. Normally there are no ports on it. They have a modular structure.

Class C IP Addresses

The value of the first octet in the IP address can be between 192 and 223, and the default subnet mask value is In other words, the first three octets indicate the Network ID and the last octet indicates the Host ID.

Classless Inter - Domain Routing (CIDR)

CIDR is a new addressing method for the Internet. Enables more efficient use of IP addresses.


It is a machine that communicates with a server or another computer and exchanges data.


An entry in the domain name system that determines where a user can find your web pages.

Computer Network

A computer network is a system that allows independent computers and similar digital devices to communicate with each other within the framework of established protocols and protocols, to share software, information or hardware.

  • According to Transmission Technology
    • Broadcast Networks
    • Point to Point Networks
  • According to Physical Size
    • Personel Area Network (PAN)
    • Local Area Network (LAN)
    • Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
    • Wide Area Networks (WAN)

A cross-over cable is used to connect two computers in 10/100 networks directly without using any transmission devices.

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