Terms Beginning with E

Edge Device

Refers to any device that acts as an entry point to the core of the network.


It is an improved protocol with insufficient IGRP. Because it is both a distance vector and a linkstate protocol, it is examined under the heading hybrid protocol.


During networking, encapsulation is the process of retrieving data from one protocol and translating it into another protocol.

Enterprise Wide Network

A network that connects computers in a network, including computers in buildings or cities. Includes computers, servers, gateways, and all components that make up the network.


It is a method for networking between computers.

Ethernet Frame

In computer networks, the term ethernet frame refers to the content of a single packet of data transmitted over an ethernet connection.


Used for weaknesses or errors in systems or programs.

Extendend Start Topology

It is defined as the star topology that is formed by multiple interconnected star topologies around a central node.

External IP Address

An external IP address indicates how all other computers outside the Internet and your local network are seeing you, provided to you by your ISP (Internet service provider).

External IP Address

An external LAN adapter is an expansion card used to connect a computer to a network.


The private network created within the existing Intranet is called.

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