Terms Beginning with F

F Connector

The F connector is the screw-round cable connector most commonly seen with coaxial cable.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP is a protocol developed to transfer two-way files between users or the user and the server.


It is a data transfer technology that uses fiber optic cables to create broadband networks.

Fiber Channel Over (FCIP)

The short name of Fibre Channel over IP is FCIP, developed by the IETF and fully defined in RFC 3821. FCIP allows fiber storage to communicate over TCP / IP in LAN, WAN, and MAN.

Fiber Optic Cable

A fiber optic cable, defined in IEEE 802.8, is the cable containing plastic-coated optical fibers (usually glass) used to send data with pulses of light.

Connections between Fiber optic repeaters short name FOIRL, which today can transfer up to 10 MB with a maximum length of 1 km, is less used 802.3 fiber optic cabling.

File Server

A file server is a computer on the network that is used to provide access to files to users on a network.

File Sharing Protocol (FSP)

File sharing protocol FSP is a UDP-based file sharing program similar to FTP, which is used in conjunction with TCP.

Fingerprinting Organizations with Collected Archives (FOCA)

Metadata in documents is a tool used to find data and confidential information.

Flat Ethernet Cable

They are used in network devices to connect the devices together. A flat cable should be used in connection between computers and switches.

Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Forward error correction is an algorithm used in one-way data communication that adds data to the data packet to ensure error-free reception.

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