Terms Beginning with H


G.SHDSL is a standard for DSL, which in most cases can access speeds of up to 2.3 mbps for both upload and download, or up to 4.6 mbps.

Heterogeneous Network

A heterogeneous network is a computer network that combines one or more different computers or protocols.


Reaching a web page by one person. Indicates how many users have reached that page within the specified time period.

Hierarchical Tree Topology

The road model, which is formed as a result of positioning of star-shaped stations on the spine, forms the tree topology.

High-Level Data Link control, short name HDLC, has been developed by ISO and is the common layer 2 protocol of the OSI model.

High Speed Serial Interface (HSSI)

HSSI supports transmission speeds of up to 52 Mbps. HSSI is used to connect two or more routers on a network over a high-speed line and enable routers to communicate with each other.


False warnings spreading over the internet to trick and deceive users.

Homogeneous Network

A homogeneous network is a computer network consisting of computers that use similar configurations and protocols.


A unique name or tag assigned to any device connected to a specific computer network.

Host ID

A Host ID is a unique ID for the host that is typically used to verify computers in a license agreement.

Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

It is a protocol developed by Cisco for multiple Routers to work with redundancy.

HTTP Post Attack

HTTP POST form and similar web pages without captcha protection by sending an unlimited number of requests, causing the site to heavily receive the post request to not respond.

HTTP Server

An HTTP server delivers data to clients using the HTTP protocol. It is also called a web server.


They are devices that connect computers in the Local Network. It does not know that computers on the network are connected to it and does not perform a network operation of the source or destination computer. Copies traffic from each port to other ports. Offers shared path.

Hubbed Mode

It is a term used to describe how the router or switch acts like a HUB and broadcasts everything to each port instead of a specific port.

Hybrid Topology

A hash topology is a type of network topology that uses two or more different network topologies. These topologies include a mixture of bus topology, network topology, ring topology, star topology, and tree topology.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

This is the protocol that Web servers and Web browsers use to communicate with each other. Establishes TCP port 80 to allow data exchange between client and server. Data communication is provided via this port.

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