Terms Beginning with L


LAWN is a network that uses radio broadcasts to communicate with other computers or network devices.


Each of the groups working in hierarchical order in a system, working in harmony with the service, function and protocol.

Layer 2 Managed Switches

They have the ability to function as independent bridges as they do bridging tasks. Layer2 manageable switches can create virtual networks and isolate traffic from two independent networks. However, when they are not managed (when no settings are made), there is no difference between the switches that cannot be managed.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

Enables multiple protocol traffic to be encrypted and then sent over any media that supports point-to-point datagram delivery, such as IP or asynchronous transfer mode (ATM). L2TP, Cisco Systems, Inc. It is a combination of PPTP and Layer Two Forwarding (L2F) protocols. L2TP takes the best properties of PPTP and L2F.

Layer 3 Managed Switches

In addition to the Layer 2 operating principle, they also work in the L3 layer. IP can be defined inside and can perform the routing process.

Light Weight Flow Admission Protocol (LFAP)

LFAP is a protocol that allows network hardware to account for every byte and packet of each stream without affecting routing and switching performance.

LACP is a protocol that allows multiple uplinks to run simultaneously to provide higher bandwidth and redundant connections between two switches.


It is the name given to the process of using that computer just like a server thanks to the extra software installed on the computers.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Local Area Network is a type of network consisting of units such as servers, personal computers, printers with high speed data transfer.

Local Area Network Denial (LAND)

Hedefin IP adresi ve portunu kaynak IP olarak belirten sahte paketler göndererek veri trafiğini iki katına çıkarıp sistemi bozmak için kullanılan saldırıdır.

Local Area Wireless Network

Wireless local area network. It is a form of connection in which the connection between users is established by radio waves, not by cables.

Local Bus

It is a bus type that provides faster access to the central processor.


The recorded events and movements are recorded files. Logs are actively used in many areas, including software, operating systems and servers.

It acts as a carrier for frames to be transmitted to the network layer.

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