Terms Beginning with M


Communication between machines is a technology that enables devices to be remotely monitored, managed and communicated with each other by means of a special sim card attached to devices.


Malware is software used to disrupt the functions of computers and mobile devices, collect critical information, gain access to private computer systems, and display unsolicited advertisements.

Man In The Middle Attack

It is an attack type based on the principle of obtaining data by entering between the target computer and other network tools (such as router, switch, modem or server) on a network.


It is the technique of blocking the visibility of critical information such as passwords.

Media Access Control (MAC)

A unique address that helps to identify the network hardware of devices on a network that is encoded by the manufacturer on the Ethernet card.

Mesh Topology

It is the type of topology that occurs as a result of the connections between all stations in the network and other stations.


Linux is called a framework infrastructure with exploits, payloads, auxiliaries, and encoders to perform various pentests that can run in Windows Mac-OS environments.


It is the IEEE port standard developed to make connection between hubs with one-to-one cables.


It is a one-to-one port standard that provides connections to computers(ethernet cards) or to the MDI port of another hub.


Includes guidance and general concepts for moving data from point A to point B. Defines the services to be provided for communication and which layers are responsible for these services.

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