Terms Beginning with N

Neighbor Advertisement

It is issued in response to a Neighbor Request message or in case of a link layer address change.

Neighbor Solicitation

The link-layer addresses of other nodes are used to control the accessibility of neighbors.


It is an API that is used to communicate networked devices with each other.


Operating system. Used on LAN. It is the operating system used on many networks developed by Novel Corporation.


Computer networks consist of computers connected to each other, computers, communication, information and resources are created to share structures.

Network Address Translation (NAT)

It is an Internet protocol developed for many companies and organizations in the world to use a different IP address when their computer is on a network other than their own network. The local network typically uses virtual threads. It is the process of converting to real IPs when going to the Internet.

Network Driver

A network drive is a software program designed to connect a network to any device.

Network File System (NFS)

NFS is a protocol developed to share disks on a local network. A specific partition on a machine using the NFS protocol can be read and written by other machines.

Network Layer

A layer that enables the movement of a data packet within the network. It is the layer where the data is sent to the destination in the shortest way and the hardware (IP) addressing is made. For example, IP, ARP, ICMP, RARP, BOOTP.

Network Topology

Topology refers to the physical and logical structure of a network. The ways in which the components of the network are connected to each other, the devices to be used, the wiring standards, the selection of the communication protocol and the applicability of these protocols to the network structure are also within the scope of the topology.

  • Types of Physical Topology
    • Bus Topology
    • Ring Topology
    • Start Topology
    • Extended Start Topology
    • Mesh Topology
    • Hierarchical Tree Topology
    • Dual Ring Topology
    • Cellular Topology
    • Irregular Topology
  • Types of Logical Topologies
    • Broadcast Topology
    • Token Passing Topology


Nmap is used to discover hosts and services on a computer network by sending packets and analyzing the responses.


The nslookup command is used to check whether the DNS server is functioning properly.

Null Modem Cable

It is the type of cable used to connect two computers to each other through serial ports.

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