Terms Beginning with P


It is a tool used to determine which operating system the systems sending packets from incoming and outgoing packets have by listening over the Network.


A personal area network is a computer network system.

Patch Cord

Both ends are factory-terminated, multi-stranded cables. There are 2 kinds of fiber and copper and there are 1,3,5,10 meter sizes in the market.

Patch Panel

They are the receptacle groups where all cables are collected in the cabin or cabinets where all of the network cables are collected. Fiber and copper are in 2 groups.


It is used in combination with the exploits, which allows to perform certain operations on the system (user creation, dll injection etc.) by taking advantage of the vulnerabilities in the systems.


Fake e-mail or web sites to capture the users’ credit card information is a method of phishing.

Physical Layer

The physical layer is the layer in which the data bits are communicated to the receiver. For example, cable, fiber optic, etc.


Ping is an application used to test whether the target system is live or not.


It is a website that allows you to search for people who are not available in regular search engines by searching different sources on the internet.

Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

Enables multiple protocol traffic to be encrypted and then encapsulated with an IP header to be sent over the public IP network, such as the IP network or the Internet. PPTP is available for remote access and site to site VPN connections. When the Internet is used as a public network for VPN, the PPTP server is a PPTP-enabled VPN server with two interfaces, one on the Internet and one on the intranet.

Policy Base Routing (PBR)

In accordance with the criteria we set with Rule Based Orientation, the packages are routed to any interface or IP address.


An eletronic circuit is called the entry point to the network and system.

Port Address Translation (PAT)

The PAT has one IP as the public IP address. As with Dynamic NAT, the router creates the NAT table itself. Only one port of a virtual IP address in the local network is transferred. For example 3389 (such as Remote desktop port).

Presentation Layer

The presentation layer is the layer in which the formal arrangements of the data are made. For example; SSL, ASCII.


A protocol is a set of rules that govern communication between computers on a network.


An intermediate server used during access to the Internet.

Public Key Infrastructure

Asymmetric encryption and digital certificate applications using the digital environment to perform safe operations is the infrastructure.

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