Terms Beginning with R

Rack Cabinet

It is used for the security and layout of devices in data processing centers and system rooms. Devices such as Server, Storage are placed.

Raid 0

It is created with at least 2 disks. All the data on the raid card is divided by the number of disks and all are written at the same time. Disks are inserted end to end.

Raid 1

Again in this structure created with at least 2 disks, all data coming to the Raid card is written in the same way on both disks. This process is called Mirroringte. When a disc fails, it continues operations like no other disk.

Raid 10

It consists of a combination of Raid 0 and Raid 1. Similar to Raid 1 in speed and capacity. A minimum of 4 disks is required.

Raid 5

It is created with at least 3 disks. Parity information is distributed across all disks. This means that all disks have both data and parity information. Before the data is written to the discs, the Raid is divided into pieces on the card and written to the discs with parity information.

Raid 50

It is a structure created with at least 6 discs. Raid 5 is combined with Raid 0. It is both performance and safe.

Raid 6

The Raid 6 uses an additional independent parity scheme in addition to an extra fault tolerance. Raid 6 is also written as a block on a sequence drive of the data and a second parity is calculated and written for all drives.

Raid 60

This structure, which is obtained with at least 8 discs, is combined with two Raid 6 structures under Raid 0 structure. High-level security is achieved here.

Rapid STP

It is the state of STP. The purpose of this development is to reduce the convergence time to 50 sec. The time to reach the stability level in the RSTP protocol is less than 10 sec.

Redirect Message

Forwarders are sent to nodes in the presence of a better route for the destination IPv6 address.

Remote Access Service (RAS)

A service that provides remote access between client computers on a network.

Remote Control

It is the process of managing the computer with the help of external software.


A wireless source (this modem or a different repeater, Access Point can be) from the electrical data (signal) to renew, converting the binary code, and thus to expand the network, which is the distance and improve the quality of the signal devices.

Ring Topology

A circular (or closed loop) end-to-end connection topology. All units are connected either directly or via a transmission cable and interface to the ring. The electrical signal is transmitted in one direction from one unit to another.


Software that hides programs running on the computer.

Router Advertisement

It is used in response to The Router Request Message.

Router Solicitation

It is sent to learn routers which are connected to the network.

Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

RIP is a protocol that works with the distance vector algorithm and uses the Bellman-Ford algorithm to calculate redirects. Routers using RIP send the entire routing table to the neighboring routers in 30-second loops.

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