Terms Beginning with V

Virtual Local Area Network

To create working groups in our local network is to divide the local network with switches. VLAN provides the isolation of communication of each group by logically grouping the ports on the network switch. VLAN is more needed as the network grows and traffic increases. By using VLAN, each VLAN will only receive its own broadcast, reducing broadcast traffic and increasing bandwidth. The VLAN definitions can be defined according to the location, department, persons or even the application or protocol used. This means that devices on different VLANs cannot send data directly to each other and cannot receive data directly from each other. Therefore, the IPs of the devices in the different VLAN group may be the same, do not create a conflict. They do not affect their work because they do not communicate with each other. The most effective way to create independent workgroups within a LAN is to use a VLAN switch.
However, to ensure inter-VLAN communication, switch Layer 3 or an external Router must be used.

Virtual Private Network

VPN allows us to communicate on the Internet, which is open to everyone, on a private network. At the same time, VPN hosts many cryptography algorithms, making communication secure.

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)

It is an open protocol for multiple Routers to run redundant. This allows multiple routers to behave like a single virtual router.

Vlan Trunking Protocol

VLAN information on a central switch is a protocol that allows the database to be moved between switches in the same LAN. Thus, instead of making individual VLAN settings on all switches, VLAN information is copied from one center.

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