Hotspot Settings

Users can provide time or quota -based access.

Default quota

Quota boundaries can be regulated with pre -defined templates.

User Quotas

They are the computers to be used on the total time or data transfer sum (MBYTE) on the network. According to the quota templates defined in the default quotas section, it is the section in which users are included in the quota group.


User Quotas New Record


User information The user to be added is selected.
Period The reset range of the defined quota (or quotas) is entered. One of the daily, weekly, monthly and annual options should be selected.
Time It is determined how much time it will be used during the defined period. Two options are presented as time and indefinitely. If the duration option is selected, the user is expected to enter data in time and minute.
Quota It is determined how much data will be used during the defined period. There are two options, quota and without jeans. If the quota option is selected, the user is expected to enter data in MBYTE (Megabyte).
Disposable Session Open or closed.
Signing limit per person Hotspot defined how many times the person can log in.
URL to open in new tab The site to be opened in the new tab is written.
Logging option There are three options. These options are described as optional (conscious), closing the tab and automatically off.

User Agreement

User is the section where the contract details will be written. The “user agreement approval” is activated after the settings have been recorded and settings are recorded. Hotspot is shown when clicking the “Contract Details” section on the login screen.


Note: The user will not be able to log in unless he approves the contract on the Hotspot login screen.

Hotspot Login screen


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