Virtual Ethernet - Link Aggregation

This section is used to increase speed passed through Antikor, or to run Antikor as a Cluster.


Virtual Ethernet Aggregation New Record


Name Virtual Ethernet Name is automatically created.
Member Ethernets Choose physical Ethernet.
Virtual Ethernet Type ——–
Bridging This is a hardware that connects two TCP / IP networks together. It is a device used to connect two or more networks which use the same protocols. The bridging process is achieved by repeating each message in two networks.
Bridging - Rapid STP Spanning-tree protocol is a protocol to prevent loops.
Failover Means transfering servers, which are included in a cluster in the structure, and roles and services running on such servers to another server in the cluster in the event servers are closed or become down due to consequences of environmental factors (e.g. hardware failure).
Load Balance The term Load Balance literarily means balancing load. By using two different Internet connection simultaneously the bandwidth is increased thereby increasing speed.
LACP Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is a Layer-2 handshaking protocol used at both ends of clustered connections to establish existing connections. If one of the connections within the LACP fails, the transmission will continue via other connections. In addition, bandwidth will also increase by balancing the load between the links that provide the connection.
Round Robin This is the name given to the algorithm which enables equal sharing of the resource among users in the event there is only one resource and more than one user. For example, if there are 3 DNS servers, the user, who has made the first request is to be routed to the first server, the second user to the second server, and third user to the third server.
ByPass LACP Bypass is a feature that allows a configured network to become active and transmit traffic even when there is no LACP partner.
Description Enter description as desired.

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