Policy Based Routing (PBR)

Policy-based routing (PBR) is a technique that forwards and routes data packets based on policies or filters. Network administrators can selectively apply policies based on specific parameters such as source and destination IP address, traffic type, services, access list, packet size, or other criteria and then route the packets on user-defined routes.

If you need to route some packets to a different Gateway, the Antikor 2 Policy based routing module routes packets to the desired router according to the services and source/destination address.


Policy-Based Routing New Record


Status Choose either active or passive as status.
Address Family Choose either IPv4 or IPv6 address type.
Gateway Enter gateway.
Source IP Enter IP address(es) to be routed.
Destination IP Enter IP address to which routing is to be performed.
Services Choose the service or services to redirect to.
Network Choose one of the defined networks.
Description Enter description.

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