L2TP/PPTP VPN Settings

The IP address range to be used in the L2TP / PPTP VPN connection and the static IP to be assigned to local users is done in this section. Additionally, the number of sessions per person is determined on this screen.


Operation Mode Select the operating mode for L2TP / PPTP VPN.
Max Login Limit per Person Max Login Limit per Person is entered for the VPN connection created.
Start IP Address VPN start IP address is entered.
End IP Address End of the VPN IP address is entered.
Server IP Server IP address is entered.
DNS Server DNS server IP address is entered.

Note: L2TP and PPTP services must be connected through the default gateway. Otherwise, the connection problem is likely to occur.

Note: Some service providers don’t migrate GRE packages. For this reason L2TP over IPsec if done, GRE can be moved to pass the password and the connection is established.

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